Wednesday, October 11, 2006

tomorrow morning

tomorrow morning

You’ll breathe slowly
in hopes that the seconds
will shuffle

And I’ll pray
hopeful again
knowing that
Eternity is beyond time
and a minute is a year
and touching you is
like meeting God
and each second with you
is enough
is enough
is enough

You’ll lay shiftless
like a child
waiting soundless for birth
under the womb of covers
warm and home

and I imagine
I’ll be steady,
my heart sure,
my legs strong
my head high
all because of you
warm and home

my love

and the kids
will climb into bed
like rock climbers
and we are the boulders
and the safety rope
is his security blanket
unraveled yet trusty

and they will be
silent and half naked
and on vacation

and you’ll open your arms
as if you’re God
embracing the stars

and I’ll shed a tear
because the ground’s throat
while you were gone
and my heart is in mine

and even though
we’ll be laying side by side
we’ll be one

tomorrow morning

by Troy Cady

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