Saturday, January 6, 2007

on dealing with wife beaters

On Dealing With Wife Beaters
by Troy Cady

What do I have to say to you,
until you realize?
The first time he hit you
was one time too many.

Don’t believe his lies.

He comes back to you,
dressed in his finest suit,
like a pig with a ring in its snout.
But, can’t you see?
The ring does not stop him
from being filthy swine.

He comes to you bearing flowers.
But, can’t you see?
A weed surrounded by lilies
still creeps.

He comes to you with candy.
That’s chocolate-covered dog dirt.

He took your soul
and offers a teal plastic necklace,
wrapped in a greasy napkin from McDonald’s,
in return.

He split your lip
and bruised your eye
and cut your cheek.
You need not strike back;
all I’m asking is that you run away,
far, far away,
so he can never touch you again.
Sprint a marathon, if need be.
Just, please, whatever you do,
get away.

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