Thursday, October 22, 2009

meatloaf spirituality

There is no room for “Meatloaf” spirituality when one steps into Christian leadership.

And I’m not talking about “meatloaf” the food; I’m talking about Meatloaf-the-musician. He has a song that says, ‘I would do anything for love—but I won’t do that.’

Yes: I'm misinterpreting the song, but bear with me...

Most of us have a line that we draw when it comes to serving the Lord and his church. We say to God, “I would do ANYTHING for you, Lord; just don’t ask me to do ‘that’, please.”

When I first began full-time ministry I realized that I practiced Meatloaf spirituality more than I would have liked to admit. See, I realized that, though I had a great desire to preach sermons as a way to serve Christ’s church and though many times I stood up in church services or emotional conference settings to indicate that I would give up my life for my Lord, I had yet to come to grips with the fact that, for now, Jesus was not asking me to die for him; he was simply asking me to make some photocopies or teach the 7-and-8-year-old Sunday school class.

“That’s all, Lord? That’s all you want me to do? Isn’t there something else, um, more special you want me to do?” I asked God.

But who was I kidding? If I couldn’t make coffee for the Lord’s church, I certainly wasn’t ready to give up my life for the church’s Lord.

It’s in times like that when Jesus would have us know that dying for him has little value if we do not first learn to live for him. More than your death, Jesus just wants your life.

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