Friday, August 5, 2011

death of a 13 year old in bronzeville this week

My friend Ronnie has just joined our mission, hoping to be a redemptive presence in his south Chicago neighborhood, Bronzeville. He and I are dreaming together what a vibrant community of faith would be about there. I'm privileged to walk alongside him in this. He's a truly insightful leader.

My home page on my internet browser is set to the Chicago Tribune. A few moments ago, the headline read: "$9,000 reward offered in boy's shooting." The place? Bronzeville, in a park not far from Ronnie's home.

Darius Brown, 13, was playing basketball on Wednesday with a group of friends in the park. A car drove by and shot into the group. Darius was hit in the neck and died, after stumbling around a bit.

On Tuesday, I drove through Bronzeville briefly with Ronnie, while we were on our way to another part of Chicago. We saw some police lights flashing and a scene that was hard to make sense of. I asked Ronnie his thoughts on the situation and he had some very enlightening perspectives on it, since Bronzeville is a place he's lived in for years and years.

How can the people of Jesus make a difference here? This is what I'm asking now.

The link to the article is here, along with these video reflections from some of Darius' friends.


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