Saturday, August 27, 2011

the silk underwear trauma

A little while ago, I wrote about a humorous experience I had in a grocery store.

Well, it happened to me again just a couple days ago in that same store.

I was standing in line and happened to be looking at someone's butt. "It" caught my attention because I noticed the person in front of me was wearing his pants (that's "trousers" for you Brits out there) so low on his waist that you could see his underwear (that's "pants" for you Brits out there). Ahem. Anyway...

I had seen that before, but what caught my attention was the print pattern on his underwear. They were made of silk and they had pictures of pigs on them. With Santa hats.

Yes, the naked, pink pigs were wearing Santa hats and they were standing uniform against a black backdrop. I determined to make an extra appointment to see my therapist and...

That's when the weirdness started.

I looked up to give the person a look as if to say, "Pull your pants up, boy!" when I realized this was no "boy." It was, ahem, an old man with 7.8 tufts of long gray hair growing out his greasy, wrinkled skull.

I hope when I get old I'm hip like that.

I said a prayer for him and hiked up my shorts.

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