Saturday, July 13, 2013

an I to your Thou

This week I was gently led
by smiling wisdom
on three different days to
imagine myself in
three different places:

“Imagine yourself in a peaceful place,”
the teacher said one day.

The next day I imagined beauty
and the day after that—
the loving place.

Each present place had enough
to face the rough strife
and the breathless regret of the past.

Each place was enough
to trample the murder
of fear under
and face the future free from
the scurry of worry.  

I now know how three becomes one
for I could only imagine
each place as you and home.

I tried—
honest, I did!—
but could not imagine
and love
without you,
my sighing place,
my resting place,
the only loving heart
I’ve given myself to—
and spirit.

There you were—
peace in my trouble,
beauty in my grey cell,
love when I hate myself.

Here you are
next to me,
three divine gifts in one.
And I am
next to you,
gladdened to be a simple I to your matchless Thou.

An I To Your Thou
a poem by Troy Cady
for Heather

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