Friday, August 2, 2013

breakfast by candlelight

Why wait until evening?
We have now—
these moments of beginning the day together.
Better than dreaming together asleep
we practice hoping together awake.

We sit side by side
at a long empty table
filled with a cloud of witnesses
still living but absent,
together with loved ones
in spirit.

And the sunlight
is there,
fresh as a bathed child
eager to play in the mud.
The dawn passes
through the large pane to the south
leaving latticed shadows
poised as if even darkness
could hold ivy
longing to
grace cracks.

These two candles,
once taller,
but the light holds true,
if flickering.
They are deep blue,
not like despair
but rather fidelity
as sure as the ocean’s love
for hidden life
immersed in mystery.

These two candles
are set in clear flowers,
the radiance of
two small flames
refracted and multiplied,
reflected in transparency.

Out of nowhere a faint breeze
passes by
and two small torches
bow their heads
as we pray
to start the day,

be a light.”

breakfast by candlelight
a poem by troy cady
For Heather, when we meet with God together before work

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