Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How God Atones, an e-book by Troy Cady

Earlier today, a friend wrote me and asked about something I wrote on a previous blog post. It had to do with the theological idea of the atonement; that is, how is it that God reconciles people to himself?

Many years ago, another friend asked me a similar question. Her question turned into a dialogue. The dialogue took the form of nine short-ish letters. I found the epistolary format more approachable, so I compiled the letters into a short e-book. Since I was just asked about this issue again today, I thought I'd make it available here for anyone who is nerdy enough to trudge through it. :-)

If you can persevere to the end, my personal feeling is that the last letter is the best. So...maybe some of you just want to skip to that. Or maybe that will confuse you. Either way, I hope something in here is helpful to someone out there on the internets (as ol' George W. Bush calls 'em).

If you do download the PDF I'd be grateful to hear from you if you liked it. My email is troy@playfull.org.  If you didn't like it, just keep that to yourself. Ahem. Here's the link:


If you have trouble viewing it or downloading, simply email me and I'll send it to you that way.


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