Tuesday, September 22, 2015

let's take a walk in this world

You and I are ready,
from foot to face,
sneakers to sunglasses—
for a walk in our world.

The day is fine
and the neighbors are out, too,
playing ball,
strolling children,
biking and jogging,
talking on the park bench.

Let’s take the trail in reverse
this time
so we can see the cracked streets
and weather-beaten city houses
in a new light.

The river’s depth
is neither low nor high—
just right,

like our talk
as two friends
in never-end
ing love.

Let’s keep the peace
of the mystery
of new discoveries,
like the tree we see
when returning home,
with forty-three red leaves
while the rest are still green.

Let’s take a walk in this world,
both ancient and new.

let’s take a walk
by troy cady

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