Tuesday, December 8, 2015


when the hour approaches

when the hour of new life
the hour of new life emerging approaches

the hour of death feels nigh
as the hour of new life emerging approaches

that is when the pain intensifies
as the hour of new—

the new life is coming soon
the new life born of pain
the new life of the long breath

the deep breath gasping
the hand grasping
for the hand inside
unreachable until the hand emerges
the small curled fingers
the gasping cry

the time is now
the new birth
the hope unsilenced amid the irrational
fear silenced
for the new life
feeding and wild

no telling what will come next
no telling when the hour is pregnant with new life
no telling words
no words
this new life
these long breaths
these long breaths
this new life
this life
this long life so short
this long life unshortened

by troy cady

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