Saturday, January 9, 2016

a soldier of the cross

i would like to take that piece of cloth
for which the soldiers gambled
and fix it to the cross
on which the Savior died
and fly it like a flag—
a white flag of surrender—
knowing i was the soldier
who gamed the system

i was the soldier aloof to the innocence
of the One who suffered
to the suffering of the innocent
the soldier who gamed grace
the soldier with the fever of power
the power that comes with position
the same soldier who rationed carefully
guarding my fair share
while exposing without care
the vulnerable naked
the nakedness
the indignity of the Dignitary
i was the soldier who stripped
the last defense of the defenseless
the defense of the One
who would have freely given it to me

i am the soldier
looking for that cross now
with the piece of cloth I won
and the spear that pierced Jesus’ side

i want to fix the cloth
high to the cross
with my spear—
fix my weapon
to the wood—
to fly the cloth
as a flag
high on the cross
so others can see
this sacred ground
from far off
and plead mercy
at the place of grace.

i pray that while I am up there
hanging the cloth
i may get caught on the cross
by the humble spirit of the Servant
who is somehow still here
and buried
and risen
all at once

and humble
giving all
once and for all

a soldier of the cross
by troy cady

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