Saturday, February 20, 2016

hagar. in between.

The angel said to her, “…where have you come from,
and where are you going?”  -Genesis 16:8

Here in this epiphany of pain
this place where I have come to know
wandering exile
no home but the friendship of thirsty loneliness

I see
that there is One Who Sees
whose questions are less asking
and more saying
whose questions about my own life
I know not how to answer
whose questions reveal
that I scarcely know

but the angel knows,
the angel sees

and the angel in mercy
lends me sight

for I am blind
to all that will be
and all that has been
and to myself
now finally present
to the Presence

I see
that there is One Who Sees
I see
in the angel’s words
a past once hopeful
and this present punishment
for doing merely as instructed
and the pride for the child
I bore before
the barren promise

I see where this is leading
and I cannot bear
the strife the angel sees
I cannot bear
that there is One Who Sees

Just listen—
look away
but listen—
hear my cry

if you must keep seeing
look upon my child
whom I name in faith
The God Who Hears

look upon my child
but do not look at me
Just listen
for sight is more than I can bear

here in this place
between where I have been
and where I am going

Hagar. In Between.
by Troy Cady

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