Wednesday, August 17, 2016

what i cannot finish

Let the loose end be.
Don’t tie it up.
The greatest works of art
are unfinished;
to complete them would be a desecration.
Leave some space for the imagination
to fill.

Just so is my love for you.
It will ever be undone.
Let’s be imperfect together,
indebted forever.

Today started twenty-five years ago
and tomorrow is perpetually out of reach,
like hope, an experiment with no end,
or the moon and her seasons, turning,
brightening, fading and flourishing
in cycles. So many things I cannot finish
because they are not mine to control.
Even weakness and power meet but false ends;
I can diminish for you, let me be stronger with you.

Take what I’ve started and cannot finish.
Hold this growing love for you.
Regard my devotion as complete in incompletion,
for I never want to finish loving you,
nor could I if I tried.


what i cannot finish
a poem by troy cady
for Heather on our 25th anniversary

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