Sunday, February 26, 2017

give us rest

give us rest
from clinging to self-interest,
from fangs bared in self-defense.
Give us rest
from fear of our neighbor
and suspicion,
the script we project on others.
Give us rest
from death and disease
and dis-ease,
the pleas of poverty,
the unrest that springs up
when power is abused
instead of used to serve.
Give us rest from hate
and division,
give us a vision for peace.
Wrest from our hands
the weapons of spite,
wrest from our mouths
the words that pick a fight
for no good reason.
Give us a season of rest
from the need that comes from greed,
from the seed of despair,
from the temptation not to care.

God of rest,
give us rest.


give us rest
by troy cady

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