Monday, December 17, 2018

what Eliot said

when Eliot spoke
at the great gathering
to accept his prize
he told them that
poetry divides.

he surprised us,
like Jesus,
who said he was lord
not of peace
but of the sword.

so, i ask:
how am i
supposed to live
up to this calling
of rising by falling?

why do you ask me
to reveal by hiding,
to enlighten by obscuring,
to praise the relevance of the useless,
and to surrender enduring?

God of the poet’s heart,
can’t you see that all i want
is to be known?
so, why have you called me here
to be isolated and alone?

why is it
that your giving
feels more like a process
of dying than living?

i ask you, please:
answer me with questions—
for i get lost by your directions.


what Eliot said
by troy cady

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