Thursday, December 27, 2018

what we have seen and heard

It would be quite some time
before the Word
would form words
to tell us
what the Father wanted to say.
In the meantime,
he would have to let
his simple presence
speak for itself.
In infancy
he could only
utter sentiments
that words could not express,
the sounds and groans
of the Spirit made flesh.
In his birth and death
the Helper helped us
by becoming helpless.

Did he quiet himself to listen?

Did we?

When he made himself small,
being loved and loving was all he could do.
In this child
we heard the cries of God
with no inference of accusation or threat.
Through him we befriended our hunger,
we understood our longing for affection,
and our imminent need for protection.
We saw that all
the Father ever wanted
was that his children
and his child’s Child
would give and receive
endless adoration.
So, just hold now 
this new life of grace;
let us listen now
to what he says
by looking closely
with joy upon his face.


what we have seen and heard
by troy cady
on the third day of Christmas 2018

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