Tuesday, May 21, 2019

blessing: today and tomorrow

May God’s love be at home in your heart;
may your spirit brim with the Spirit of joy,
music in your soul,
laughter in your eyes.
May you play and trust like a child.
May your mind know what is true and good,
may you know each day God’s grace.
May you know the mercy,
care and compassion of the Healer.
May God be to you a Friend along the way,
a hand to hold if you are lonely,
a confidant when you need a listening ear,
a Helper when you are overwhelmed.
If you feel lost, may you remember
there is a Good Shepherd,
whose name is Jesus,
who will never stop seeking you,
who is able to find you
and carry you in His strong arms,
close to His heart,
until you are safe, Home.
May God’s love be at home in your heart
and your heart be at home in God’s love.


blessing: today and tomorrow
by troy cady

Sunday, May 19, 2019

prayer of renewal

when wars prevail without
may Your peace
be the welcome within

when self-interest is served
give me eyes of compassion

stubborn and self-assured,
grant humility

when despair surrounds,
shelter and comfort,
bring Your good cheer
borne of true hope

see how we tear down—
help us to build up;
see how we uproot—
move us to plant

we are practiced
in accusation and attack,
quick to judge,
clever in condemnation—
gentle One, soften my heart,
replace insistence with invitation,
rejection with acceptance,
cold certainty with warm wonder,
folded arms with open hands

make my life
Your story of grace—
sing Your new song
of new life in me;
pave the way for justice—
sing Your new song in us


prayer of renewal
by troy cady

Monday, May 13, 2019

mobile home

here’s my heart
and You are welcome here
make a home in me
so that I may make my home in You
so that wherever I go
others may feel at home with You

no judgment, just love
eyes that see the loveliness within
ears that listen carefully,
seeking to understand
hands that are ready to help
legs that will take an advocate’s stance
encouraging words to fill my mouth

lead me to a table big enough
for honest companionship
let’s wonder about the mystery
that You are a Host so humble
You make Yourself the Guest
familiar yet still unknown

fill my arms with emptiness—
whatever You give to me
let me give to others—
make me generous—
fill my arms with emptiness
so every day I will be ready to embrace

as I walk
let me walk with You
so that wherever I go
others may be at home
in tenderness and peace,
grace and joy,
hope and childlike faith,
courage, imagination,
acceptance and belonging,
a place to breathe easily,
a place to rest and heal


mobile home
by troy cady

Saturday, May 11, 2019

fall on grace

guard my heart
make it secure
dispel my fears
loosen regret’s grip

i fall on your mercy
i cry mercy

hidden, but known
in uncertainty
you hold my hand
in discouragement
you speak cheer
always good,
always loving,
ever faithful

rest, my soul
know that wisdom
goes before you,
a guiding star
whose light was there
long before you

patient wisdom waits—
so can you

look to grace
grace catches you
when you fall
grace completes
the incomplete
grace enjoys
a work in progress

fall on grace
the ground
of the insecure


fall on grace
by troy cady

Monday, May 6, 2019


still climb
a cracked stair
the wind will blow,
tangling hair
that branch has died
but not the tree
she lost her sight
but can still see
sooner open up a tinderbox of wonder
than bring closure by disclosure
sooner marvel at thunder
than avoid exposure
sometimes life’s knots
are better left alone
sometimes freedom finds you
tethered to a stone
mark the beauty in the spots
a splinter in the mind
serves you well in time
sometimes a stronger love
means a longer fight


by troy cady

Saturday, May 4, 2019

the strength of Rachel

The Strength of Rachel
by Troy Cady
for #RHE, RIP

A critical analysis of the text suggests that
Rachel was stronger than anyone knew

When Jacob first arrived in Haran
several shepherds were waiting
for more shepherds to arrive
to remove the stone from the mouth of the well

The stone was so heavy
it could not be moved by a single man

but Rachel was unlike anyone else
she was a woman doing
what was thought to be a man’s work.

When she showed up with her flock—
one woman shepherd among so many men—
Jacob knew she was special.

Centuries later, the redactors credited Jacob with
removing the stone that day,
casting him in the role of superhero—
yet another man coming to the rescue
of just another ordinary woman.

But Rachel was no ordinary woman—
Rachel, who learned to share love
Rachel and her delayed dreams
Rachel, fertile with hope
when the child wouldn’t come
Rachel of Joseph,
mother of the family’s savior
when the famine hit,
mother of redemption,
the payback of good for evil—
and Rachel of Benjamin,
passed too soon
passed on the journey,
mother of a child
whose only memories of her
would come by the oral tradition
will come by the oral tradition.

A critical analysis of Rachel’s name
reveals an inconclusive mystery.
Some think her name means ewe—
fitting for a shepherdess—
but perhaps suggestive of just another helpless lamb,
fitting for a patriarchal literary agenda.

Others note the auditory resemblance
of Rachel’s name to an image of God
for ruach and el mean “breath of God”

Rach el, ruach el—
“One who is like the breath of God”—
a more likely interpretation:
the brevity of breath,
the endurance of God

Thus, I conclude and believe
that what really happened that day
was this:

it was Rachel
who moved the stone away

for when all is said and done
she did what no single man could do
Artwork by Sefira Ross

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Heart of my heart

you know that every day
I can always find many reasons
to be anxious—
be my refuge.

You know my preoccupations of
self-ambition, comfort and
make me a servant.

You know every wound within
of every day that has ever been
and you know the ways
I’ve hurt others, too—
help me forgive and be forgiven.

You know I oscillate
between hope and despair
grace and all my subtle coercions—
immerse my heart in your faithful love,
saturate my mind in your truth and promises,
open my eyes and ears by your mercy and understanding,
move my hands by the gentle power of your compassion,
let my words be beautiful, lovely and bright,
both day and night,
so that rising I may rest
and resting I may rise
in You, Heart of my heart.


Heart of my heart
by troy cady