Monday, December 13, 2004

adam's apple

went unplucked
gravity picked
fell headlong
levity dimmed

worm inside
blackened, thin
bruised body
dirty skin
grounded, rotting
parched, unbitten
shriveled, leaking
cracked, unbidden

little boy: sneaking
sister, scared: peaking
cautious boy: hearing sounds
sister, frail: peering 'round
furtive thief:
sister: cold,

reaching up
stealing light
biting in
without fright
(silence, please)
starless eyes
(silence, please)
ashen smiles


looking down
at my plight
seeing me
through the night

pick me up:
"is it good?"
throw me down
into mud

kicked me hard...
now I lay
near the root
of a tree
(living thing;
then, there's me:
still, lying
lone, dying
panting, dry...
thinking: "why?"
head bleeding
heart needing:
water, sun
life, love
juices, blood
wind, dove)

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