Sunday, January 7, 2007

the new year

Deela passed away yesterday, January 6. I will miss her and I pray for her family (husband Al and children Katie, Bobby and Daniel).

the new year
by troy cady

the new year,
limpid and limping,
straggled in disheveled,
packing illness,
coughing like
only intermittent firecrackers
cast surreptitiously from the balcony

i saw the odd roman candle lit
on the smoky street,
(the city clouded in smog,
the ground more brown than green)
but only as if from a passing side view

and then friends came and went,
the girls recovered from sickness,
the little finn returned to her homeland
after solving one last puzzle

and my Friend,
our Friend,
suddenly passing by january six,
like an epiphany,

and beforeyouknowit we see,
and she sees,
like an epiphany

the coughing is gone now






to swallow the air
and gasp—AHA!

all signs may point otherwise
but this is a year of hope

i can feel it

light a candle

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