Sunday, February 18, 2007

blue and gold

Blue and Gold
by Troy Cady

This morning
the city is gold on blue,
the air cool,
a yellow unfinished building
stabs the sky’s belly
(neither skyscraper nor house,
but somewhere in between,
rising to mediocre heights
in unremarkable form,
squares making rectangles).

It coughs: hammer, drill, trowel;
and screams with saws.
Slopped grey mortar
(mixed with grubby, stubby hands,
rough and numb with cold)
forms its heart.

And i am vacant, chill emptiness,
suitable only for squatting.

Next door lies a dirt lot,
leveled to no purpose,
equally empty and dusty.

All this built on land
that’s called
“Slaves of the Eucharist”.


She is gold and blue.
Priceless and true.
Outside and in.
Soul and skin.
Hair and heart.
Mind and art.

She is pure innocence,
skipping among the ruined,
expectant plots,
stabbing sorrow’s chest,
light in gloom.

Yet she is still,
hidden and precious,
waiting to be discovered

And i am a miner,

i am my daughter.


He and the city
will be gold in blue;
streets and sky,
both endless;
buildings and hearts,
equally eternal.

Sorrow surrounds;
yet despair becomes hope,
new horizons,
in the pure light
of the city’s new sun.

For gold stabbed gold;
greed pierced innocence
when pale cowardice
killed rich majesty.

And blue became blue
when resurrection flogged suffering
and freedom crucified injustice.

So, tomorrow there
will be gold and blue.
A day when vice turns to perfection,
when pain turns to sky,
limitless sky and sun,
for His eyes are the air
and His heart is the greatest pulsing star.

Yes, tomorrow
there will be blue
and there will be gold
without end,
for in His body, he carries
the spear and coin,
death and avarice,
yet love and joy.

Yes, He carries it all.

He is the Eucharist,
the old and new colors.

So, tomorrow, I will say,
“I am complete—the days of cement,
wet or hardened,
are ended.
I am filled with His life.
I am no longer a slave.
I am a Child of the Eucharist.
I am a Child, skipping forever.”

I am His and He is mine.
blue and gold.
blue and Gold.
Blue and Gold.

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