Tuesday, February 13, 2007

what i love about our church

On Sunday, a bunch of us got together to go ice skating. Being from Minnesota, this fed my hockey-loving soul.

Afterwards, most of us came over to the Cady flat to enjoy some pizza and play some games.

When we were sitting down, stuffing our faces, sometime while I was downing my second piece, someone who is new to our church asked me what I did earlier that day.

Since she knew I was a pastor, and since it was Sunday, she assumed that, perhaps prior to our little ice skating party, I had preached a sermon or something like that.

I explained to her that I hadn't and that quite surprised her. I thought that perhaps she thought I was shirking my divine calling or something like that. So I explained that, to us, church wasn't about a program you go to each Sunday morning to hear a sermon. To us, church is family. So, I explained, now and then we set aside time to do what family does: enjoy each other, have fun, care for one another, hang out, throw parties, eat pizza.

That struck a chord, I could tell, because immediately she nodded her head vigorously and said that she agreed wholeheartedly.

I love the fact that we are a church that takes time to be family and that allows me to beat everyone else at a game of Tetris.

I love that we are a church where people who don't normally go to church can belong before they believe.

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