Monday, April 23, 2007

and a child shall teach them

On the way to school Meaghan and Nic usually find something to talk about. Some mornings we'll talk about movies and movie quotes they like. Other mornings, it will be something they're looking forward to.

This morning, Meaghan pointed out to me that she "felt like a grown-up" now.

I asked why and she responded by saying how tall she was getting. "I'm almost up to your chest now," she said.

I said "that's right" and pointed out how one day she might be taller than both Mom and me (and likely she would be taller than Mom!).

A little bit of time passed and she got on the topic of God. What she said really spoke to me. And, as I got home, I thought that much (all) of what she said would serve as good reminders for all of us. So, here, in simple, childlike sentences are some sound bites from this morning's walk that will speak to your soul as you take a wee bit of time to let them soak in. Here they are, in no particular order:

"God loves us very much, doesn't he?"

"God always forgives us."

"We should forgive others because God forgave us."

"Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing, isn't it?"

"We can't run away from God."

"Wherever we go, God is there. He goes with us everywhere."

"We don't have to be afraid because God is always with us."

"Sometimes people stop worshipping God and start worshipping idols."

"God made us because he wants us to worship him and to know him."

"Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins."

"When we do something wrong, we should ask God to forgive us."

"If we do something wrong, God will always forgive us."

"God has made the world very beautiful."

Today, the sun is shining, the sky's a deep blue.

"God is good, isn't he?" I said to Meaghan.

She said, "Yes, God is good."

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