Monday, October 16, 2006

skating (a sonnet)

by Troy Cady

And there will never be a warmer night
on ice. December frost and frozen lake.
Black skates, crisp friends, chilled throats. The hour: awake!
Stars laugh, the dark sky’s clean. Half moon’s pale light
charms strife, lulls cares (God winks and hushes fights).
All play, all fall. Five shoot and sprawl. Three break.
The boy and girl are left alone. They take
the chance to kiss, their love still fresh and white.

These days each winter night is filled with joy,
their hugs and hands, the white night’s light. She’s near.
Her lips are snow, light, cold and wet. Her face,
the ice: fair, smooth and sure. His smile is coy,
her eyes are sly. The water’s ground and fear’s
been stripped. Their hearts are parkas, plump with grace.

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