Friday, November 17, 2006

autumn jazz

Later today I head out to give four talks over the course of the weekend for a Young Life retreat held outside of the city in the mountains. I mention this so that you will know that I will not be posting in the next few days and so that you will pray for me during this weekend, that God will use my words to speak to many young hearts and draw them to Himself.

Yesterday, Kelly, April and Alleke Crull were over, en route to their furlough in the States. Kelly and April, what follows is for you...


Autumn Jazz
by Troy Cady

This morning is drizzle
and brushed cymbals
and snares,
brief friends
that became sons and daughters
and brothers and sisters,
and antiphons of
improvised brass chatting
at leisure with sprinkles of piano.
This morning a new baby
sleeps or feeds in safe rooms
close by mother blankets
and I am born again.
This morning’s foundation
of ocean bass tones
and warm faced wood
is enough
is enough
to build a house
or a ship.

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