Monday, January 7, 2008

happy new year

Hello to my subscribing triad.

I've thought about discontinuing t(r)oymarbles (because I haven't written on here in such a long time), but have finally decided that I like to write and play around with words too much to stop, so I'll keep going. Hope that's good news to hear from all three of you out there.

In either case, I've been reviewing the purpose of this site and decided to stick with the original idea. This is a place for Troy to play around. Hence, the name.

Hence, I will probably continue to write poetry, even though most people don't enjoy reading my poetry, but I've decided that that doesn't really matter, so I will continue to annoy my readers.

I will also probably continue to write serendipitous journal entries, some somber, some funny, some inane. Hopefully, the somber entries will make you weep, the funny ones will make you laugh, and the inane posts will make you care. If you get that all mixed up (as in, the somber ones make you laugh, the funny ones make you care and the inane ones make you weep) then please stop reading because you just don't get it. I will also probably continue insulting you, my readers, so if you don't like that...well...tough.

In this way I hope to boost my readership. I, for one, think it's a pretty good strategy. What do you think?

I also will probably post some teachings here, either in one part or in serial form. I have in mind to continue posting on my convictions for life/ministry. Future topics include:

"what's needed is more grace"
"generality is the enemy of creativity"
"learn from the past"
"empower the future".

Also, in a couple days, I'll post a homily I just gave for Monaca and Ari's wedding on December 28. I've decided to post it even though Monaca thinks I'm (and I quote from her Facebook page) "creepy". Check back if you're in the mood for a laugh, cuz people did laugh during it, and not because I'm so ugly.

Oh yeah: I'll also continue insulting myself here. Generally, you can just expect more insults from me this year. I think that would be healthy, relationally speaking. What do you think?

At any rate: happy new year and check back on Wednesday!


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