Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the next generation of leaders

Some months ago, I posted some thoughts on "women in leadership" on t(r)oymarbles.

In the post, I included pictures of several ads that were being run in an issue of Leadership Journal regarding some leadership conferences.

One of the ads was this one.

In the top corner, you'll notice it speaks of "NEXT GENERATION LEADERS".

In the photo, you'll notice the silhouettes of an enthusiastic bunch of 20-somethings. Wow. How cool.

Among other problems I have with the ad, chief among them lies this: The next generation of leaders are not 20-something; they're more like 2-something.

My son, barely 8 years old, represents the next generation of leaders. Kelly and April's daughter, Alleke, barely 1 year old, represents the next generation of leaders.

We've got to get it through our heads, people. The "next generation" is now pre-teen, not post-teen.

It is certainly not as "cool" to make 9 year olds a primary focus of one's ministry efforts, but, I must say, it is wiser.

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