Tuesday, June 17, 2008

noteworthy quotes from team building

In early April, the Oasis Madrid team had a team building retreat. Today I was doing some filing and came across some notes I took at that event. Included among the many papers, I found these gems: funny, quirky quotes, proving once and for all that our team really is a crazy bunch.

Here they are. Hope you get a chuckle.

"It's either hemorrhoids or forgetfulness, I think." --Kelly Wills, while playing Balderdash.

"Shani's black." --Troy, deciding what color Shani will be in a game we were setting up to play. Here's a pic of Shani, by the way.

"Don't worry, Amy: I started out in the crapper." --Troy, to Amy. 'nuff said.

"You guys can expect me to continue to love me." --Kelly Wills, telling the team what they can expect of her, during one of our serious exercises.

"You know, bacon grease is actually good for you." --Don't know who said this, but I'm sure it's true.

"I think I'm okay with lard, personally." --Uh, again: don't know who said this, but that is just too dang funny not to put here.

All I have to say is: I thank God for a team that likes to laugh and doesn't take themselves too seriously.

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