Monday, August 4, 2008

God sees all in love

I want to remind you that your significance is not dependant on publication.

I want to remind you that your value cannot rest on whether or not you have gone to Yale.

It matters not how many people know you, how many people proclaim after hearing you speak, "My, that was incredible!"

You need not dance for the Russian ballet or act on Broadway for your life to matter.

Nothing need be added to love to give your life meaning because God is love. God, in love, sees all--and God sees all in love. God sees the hungry child, God sees the forgotten hostage and the unsung composer. If God sees you, you matter. If God sees you, He does so because He has a good purpose for you. There is never a moment from which you slip God's mind. He Knows All, Everyone. He knows you, He sees you, He loves you. And His love really is enough; and the very creation publishes this as a glad welcome. All are invited to partake of the wedding feast; all are welcome at His table, for He created all, in love.

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