Sunday, August 24, 2008

grace cannot become excessive

God’s grace is the landfall after 134 solitary days at sea. It is the one thing for which you have long awaited and the only thing that can save you.

It is, in fact, easier to find than the speck on a world map, yet somehow eludes us like an uncharted island. As long as you keep rowing, you will always keep going in circles, forever destined to remain adrift and lost. Cease your striving and let the current take you. It will carry you where you need to go. Have but a little faith, or, if not, at least give up, for mercy’s sake.

God’s grace is the only thing that rescued me. Yet, somehow, I take up the oars again as if paradise is somehow lacking.

We have too little faith in the power of forgiveness. Our problem is that we place too little hope in grace, not too much, yet we often act as though grace could somehow become excessive. But all grace is a gift from an infinite God and is therefore always limitless. Grace could no more become excessive than worms could become omnipotent.

We do not trust the sufficiency of God’s goodness, truth be told. We’d rather bet on our tired, hungry, frailty. But without forgiveness we have no hope. Without infinite grace, we are lost. Without grace we are but worms trying to scale Everest. We do not realize that, far from reaching the heights, we have actually sunk below the depths, like worms, and we are longing, longing for landfall, now long in coming.

And when we reach that shore, we shall be changed. Grace is life. You can never have too much of it.

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