Friday, August 22, 2008

a prayer of blessing

Yesterday, we had a special visit with Gretchen and Emma. I say that it was special in part because Gretchen and Emma leave for the States on Monday. They are moving there permanently, and we will miss them greatly.

I had meant to pray a short blessing over them before they left on Thursday, but something distracted me and before I knew it the time was up and they were gone. Well...better late than never, eh?

Gretchen and Emma, if you are reading this, this is my prayer for you. It comes from a group of Celtic Christians.

"I bless you, Gretchen and Emma,
in the name of the Holy Three,
the Father, the Son and the Sacred Spirit.
May you drink deeply
from God's cup of joy.
May the night bring you quiet.
And when you come
to the Father's palace
may His door be open
and the welcome warm."

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