Friday, November 28, 2008

the bacon scarf

As a comfort food, bacon has a way of warming you up. This is true in more ways than one. Of course, there is the psychological/emotional warming that happens when one has a nice, crisp piece of bacon with a warm piece of french toast. Then, there is the literal warming that happens with the inevitable fat that gets added to your body upon eating bacon. But now, there is one more way bacon can warm you up.

Introducing: The Bacon Scarf. Yes, that's right. Now bacon comes as a scarf.

My good friend Nick Webb told me about this and I will likely be indebted to him forever.

You can purchase it over at for a mere $35.00.

It's a steal at that price since the scarf resembles "marbled fat." Now that's what I've always wanted in a scarf: marbled fat. Uh huh.

In his email notifying me of said scarf Nick said, "You know you want it!"

The scary thing is: I kinda do.

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