Saturday, February 28, 2009

the cow parade

There has been an art display in Madrid, featuring painted cow sculptures in various outdoor venues: plazas, street corners, and paseos. The sculptures will be out only until mid March. Since the kids didn't have school on Thursday and Friday, we decided to go as a family and see at least some of them (there are over 100 located in different parts of the city). On Thursday we all went, but on Friday just Nic and I went out to see them. I took some pictures and then asked Meaghan and Nic which ones were their favorites.

Here are Meaghan's. Click on the image to see in a larger format.

Here are Nic's favorites (among many others!) ;-)

Here's one that was covered in sheet music.

Funny: the song it was covered in was "Tengo Una Vaca Lechera".

Here are some other cows that didn't make it into the kids' top 10.

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