Monday, October 12, 2009

1. mug shots: big brown mug

This summer we had the chance to stay in lots of different homes. While there, I had fun digging through their cupboards in search of coffee mugs that either made me laugh or were just plain stupid. Each Monday for the next 15 weeks, I'll post a new mug in a series I've come to call "Mug Shots."

The first one was found while staying at Pat and Bill Thomas' house in Illinois. It actually belongs to their daughter and my good friend, Monaca.

I found it in their lower cabinet:

I was immediately drawn to it because I couldn't accurately ascertain its size nor its color. So, I wondered, "Could this be a small, pink mug?"

Here's a picture of me wondering that.

And, then, it hit me: "OH! This is a BIG BROWN mug!"

I was glad the manufacturers had the presence of mind and forethought to actually write on the cup that it was a BIG BROWN mug because otherwise I might not have been able to figure that out.

Next week: Taz.

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Irene said...

My mug, which is a very worky mug, came from one of the companies that my lab does work for. Note the crazy looking chemist - we actually have a very smart guy who looks just a wee bit like the picture you see. I actually got two of these mugs since there are so many at work that we were encouraged strongly to "please take these home with you!" I use it almost all of the time because it has just the right capacity and a great handle. I really would like to post my picture of me holding this mug, but I'm at a loss as to how in the world I would do that!

Anonymous said...

this mug is a play on the words on the shopping bags from bloomingdales!

the bags say Big brown bag, medium brown bag etc!

lol your post seems a little silly now!

Troy said...

Silly, indeed. Because putting the words "big brown bag" on a, uh, big brown bag isn't equally ridiculous. Ahem. :-)