Wednesday, November 4, 2009

w is for whiskey

To reinforce his spelling skills, my son has been completing a chart to help him identify certain sounds. For example: you use the sound “sh” to spell the word “shoe”. In his workbook, he’s provided a sample word and then he’s given three blanks to fill in so he has the chance to think of three other words that follow that sound-scheme. In this instance, Nic wrote down “shin”, “shock”, and “shine”.

Tonight, he was working on the “wh” sound. He had one space left to fill in. Usually, it takes him a little while to think of a third word, but tonight he thought of one almost instantly: “whiskey.”

Keep in mind that, uh, he’s 9 and…uh, he goes to a Christian school and…uh, I’m a pastor and it won’t take long for a smile to come to your face. That’s my boy.

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