Sunday, January 3, 2010

25 things i learned in the past decade

A new decade has begun. Amazing. It seems like just yesterday we were all freaked out by the "Y2K Scare". Funny. Anyway, I've been thinking about all the things I've experienced in the past 10 years and it is simply astounding to contemplate just how much has changed in me because of those experiences. Below are 25 things I've "learned" (not just in my head, but also in my heart) this past decade. Maybe one of these strikes a chord with you. Here they are:

1. What’s needed is more grace.

2. I've failed so many times, I've lost track. Nevertheless, each time (each time!) God forgives me. He really does love me; He is for me, not against me. He can be trusted.

3. Jesus’ healing blood also covers those who have sinned against me; I should forgive them.

4. If you were to pick only one virtue to practice, humility would be your best choice.

5. People don’t have to connect with God the same way you do. Don’t judge people because they grow in their faith in ways you are unaccustomed to; let them be free to be who they are.

6. All true ministry boils down to reconciliation in one way or another.

7. My biggest mess-ups result when I fail to practice gentleness. A harsh, judgmental thought takes hold of my mind and heart and it comes out through my big, fat mouth.

8. Seek to understand before seeking to be understood; listen with a sincere, seeking heart. Don’t use questions as a form of attack; rather, employ questions to generate understanding.

9. Church ≠ church services. In fact, sometimes church services hinder the people of God from being the church.

10. Discipleship is how we retell the story of Jesus.

11. Simplicity is good. And needed.

12. Eternal life is a quality of life; it can be experienced now, not just when we die.

13. God is more than the I AM WHO I AM; He is also the I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE.

14. We grow the most in the unknowns of life. Do in the dark what you learned in the light.

15. It is good for our souls to be content with not-knowing. Our natural human limitations make the experience of not-knowing inevitable. We do well to make our peace with this.

16. What has been made cannot be unmade, but it can be remade. Think possibility.

17. God’s power is displayed when I am weak.

18. Life is messy and the Christian should not be afraid to admit this.

19. The Christian’s greatest apologetic is love. Perfect love drives out fear.

20. Prayer is hard.

21. Jesus still saves and he still changes people’s lives. I’ve seen it happen myself.

22. Practicing gratitude is the antidote to entitlement.

23. Being made in the image of God means we have been granted the dignity of being Causes.

24. Jesus is our hope in this world and we are his hope in this world.

25. I still have a lot to learn.

Do one of these resonate with you? If so, I'd love to hear about it.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for highlighting this post, Troy. I love what you've learned so far this century (and I can hardly believe I'm the first one to comment). I'd love to interview you on your accumulated wisdom on the Leaders' Nook. What do you think? Have a look ... and I'll be in touch.

Troy said...

It'd be an honor to be interviewed, Elizabeth! I had a look at the Leader's Nook--it did my heart good to see the emphasis on the interior life of the leader. Kudos to you, friend!