Monday, February 15, 2010

did Jesus ever have an erection?

I do apologize if the title of this post proves offensive to anyone. Let me explain: these are the kinds of questions normal people ask. Case in point: on Friday someone from our church emailed me because he had been talking to a friend who was not a believer and his friend asked him, "Did Jesus ever have an erection?" He honestly wondered.

When the person from our church asked me what I thought, here's what I said...

Two things to keep in mind that the ancient church taught:

1. Only God can save
2. Only That Which God Becomes can be saved.

Nowadays we spend most of our time trying to show others that Jesus was God. In the early church, however, they spent most of their time showing that the Christ was really human. If Jesus wasn't human, they said, then humans aren't saved.

1. If Jesus never had an erection, he wasn't human.
2. If Jesus wasn't human, we're not saved.
3. Therefore, Jesus had erections.

He fully identified with us. He was fully human. He knew what it was to be tempted, and he was the only one who never sinned when he was tempted.

The wonder of the Christian life is that it isn't just a "faith"; it is a life. Jesus slept in a real bed, he wore real clothes, he drank real wine, and he really died. He faced real envy, he was tempted to grab power, and he likely had women who were attracted to him--yes, in that way.

If none of this is true, then our faith is useless because Christianity teaches that, by trusting Jesus, he can live the same life he lived in the first century through us in the twenty-first century. Trusting Jesus presents us with glorious, wonder-full possibilities. The life of Jesus can be lived at the office of Rotor Bike Parts--not a far cry from the Nazarene's wood shop, eh?


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