Monday, April 12, 2010

take the hill

If never is a time, the hour could one day come for giving up. But never never comes, so we will not relent.

If ever there was a time for perseverance, this is that time. Fortitude is a virtue imparted by faith. Courage grows when the smallest seed of genuine belief is planted. We are the believers, therefore we charge headlong and strong. We will not turn around, we will not look back, we refuse to regret. We will beget infant prayer--bold, raw petition shall resound, claims laid to inheritance--to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, this side of eternity.

Self-pity and weakness have no place here. The demon of despair shall be banished forthwith in Jesus’ name.

This measure of hope may be rare these days. If so, we shall be one in a trillion. Even if it kills us. But it can't kill us. It can only make us stronger, yes, stronger. Take the hill.


Kirsten said...

Wow. Thanks for that call to the better part of my heart. I could feel my face change into an expression of resolve even as I read this meditation. I have a hill in front of me that looks rather mountainous at times, so I needed this reminder to find courage. I am going to print this out in a courageous sort of font ("cracked," to be precise, which manages to look strong and persevering to me even in the face of the cracks it's been dealt) and post it somewhere where I can continue to derive strength from it.

Troy said...

Kirsten, I'm so glad to hear that the Lord spoke to you through this! I'm saying a prayer for you, that God will give what you need to take your hill.