Thursday, May 13, 2010

things are coming together

About 7 weeks from now we'll be boarding a plane for our big move, Lord willing. A lot has happened in the past few weeks for which we are very thankful. Here are ten brief snapshots:

1. I have a definite job that I will step into upon return to the States and it's the kind of job that gets my motor running.

2. We have the green light to move to Chicago! Hooray!

3. Yesterday, we had Heather's final interview to apply for her visa to live in the States. Everything went really well and the lady told us, "We will be printing your visa and sending it to you in the mail. You can expect it in 10 days." It was nice to hear such a clear, positive answer to the application so quickly.

4. We have been steadily selling stuff that can only be used in Europe, like our washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.

5. Heather also sold a bunch of stuff at a "garage sale" the kids' school held recently. It makes our transition a lot more manageable to pare down the amount of needless stuff we have.

6. It has been a delight to see the elders and leaders of the church taking up the reins of ministry with such passion. Last weekend one of our elders led a small group of people in thinking more deeply about discipleship. He did a great job stirring people's imagination as to just what discipleship involves and what is required of us if we are going to make disciples. Thanks, Phil!

7. The church is hosting its first-ever membership course. The first of four sessions was held last night and it was led by our team-mate, Amy Swacina. I'm excited to see this tool that we developed to acquaint people with Oasis Madrid up and running!

8. Thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of some friends here, Heather and the kids don't have to take the bus to school anymore (it's a 1 hour and 45 minute trek by bus). Our friends Kim and Rodrigo are letting us use their car during the week! Thanks, Kim and Rodrigo! It has been such a blessing.

9. Shortly after we arrive in Chicago, we'll be able to celebrate the baptism and wedding (yes, both!) of some good friends whom we hope to live close to.

10. We've been reading through "Pilgrim's Progress" with our kids before bed-time most nights. This has been a great reminder to us of God's goodness.

Okay, 11...couldn't resist:

11. The Blackhawks have made it into the Western Conference finals and the Penguins just lost! ;-) Oh, and Madrid Atletico just won the European championship. Nice.

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