Friday, June 4, 2010

death's end

Death’s end
is to deaden;
his road: a dead end.

He is risen!
(He is risen, indeed!)

Death’s ended,
his dead end
now deadened.

Walk on, people.
Take leave of
bent threats,
open wounds
and dressed tombs

(and greet
mended tears,
open tombs
and dressed wounds).

Walk on, people.
The road is long
and Who knows
where it goes (question mark and full stop)

Get going: the going can be got
so beget going.
A new life is born;
Death’s end has ended.

Walk on, healed people:
heal people

and burn the steeple
(you won’t need it for walking;
besides, it only keeps you
just standing there talking--
so get walking).

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