Monday, August 2, 2010

for family when i travel

I can get on a plane today and travel across the ocean, but I cannot stop thinking of you. I will smile when I think of the special things you say and do.

I will pray for you every day.

Just love one another. Be gentle with one another. Forgive one another and say “I’m sorry” if you hurt one another.

Be patient. And remember: God says you’ll shine like stars in the universe if you don’t argue and complain.

Help each other out. Cheer each other on. Remember that we’re all different, everyone is different. This is a good thing. Celebrate another’s differences. Notice them.

Pray for each other.

Share. Be generous. Think of each other before thinking of yourself.

Just follow Jesus and his example. Ask him to help you. He will. I will call you every day, but Jesus calls you every second, so you can call on him, too, anytime. Nothing blesses his heart more than when we call on him as children. So, just call on him. He’ll answer.

And look for chances to love our neighbors. We are here to serve, not to be served. It’s what Jesus did, and he helps us do it, too.

I love you large.

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