Monday, August 9, 2010

i just roasted tall skinny kiwi

photo by Rogier Bos

His name is Andrew Jones, but most people know him as "Tall Skinny Kiwi." His blog is one of the most trafficked Christian blogs on the net. He and his family are global nomads, and that is not just a metaphor. They move from place to place ministering where they can, looking for places where God is especially moving, calling people to himself.

Heather and I belong to a mission called Christian Associates (check out our new website!). Every year we hold a conference called Connect and this year Andrew came to speak. You can read about his experience with us here.

I'm writing because tonight I actually had the chance to roast Tall Skinny Kiwi. I played a hillbilly type character (who I call Bud) that introduced and prayed for Andrew just before he spoke. It was a blast and, I must say, Andrew took it in good humor.

I'm just writing because it's not every day you get to write a blog post titled "I just roasted tall skinny kiwi." Pretty freaky, eh?!

'night, all!

1 comment:

andrew said...

that was funny. thanks