Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the lord is my footrest

the Lord is my footrest
i shall not want

i know that saying this
caused you offense

it is no secret:
he is so high
because he descended to the depths;
he is lifted up
because he stooped so low;
he is king
because he was servant,
because he was slave

his name is unspeakable
because his name was common.
he is everything
because he became nothing.

his consolation threatens us
and his challenge is our comfort.

he is holy
because he is wild
and pure
because he is dirty
(he is dirty still
because he got dirty then)

he is the living vine
because of the dead wood cross

before I was born
he washed my feet

his hands are my footrest
so his love is my life

if God is not my footrest
he is nothing

-a poem by troy cady

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