Wednesday, September 22, 2010

nic and the voice

Monday morning Nic looked as though he had something on his mind. I asked him if something was bugging him.

He told me he hadn’t slept well the previous night because he kept hearing someone say his name over and over again.

He asked me if it was me.

I said no.

He asked me if it was Mom.

She hadn't either.

We wondered why he thought someone was calling his name, where the unexplainable “voice” could have come from.

So, Heather suggested to Nicolas, jokingly, that maybe God was calling him.


Each night the kids go to bed a couple hours before Heather and I do. By the time we head to bed, both Meaghan and Nicolas are usually asleep. Heather has made it a habit to kiss the kids goodnight each night, last thing before we head to bed.

On Monday night we were surprised to see that Nic’s door was locked—the only time that has ever happened.

We asked him about it the next day and he explained that he had done it to have some privacy. He said he wanted to tell God something but we were walking back and forth in the hallway while he wanted to talk to God. He said he didn’t want us to come in and interrupt his conversation with God so he decided to lock the door.

Heather asked Nic what he wanted to talk to God about.

He said he wanted to see if God would call his name again. He told God that, if God wanted to say something to him, he was listening right then, right there.

So, Monday night, Nic sat there in his room, quiet, just listening to hear God call his name, fully expectant.


Thank you, Lord, for Nicolas, your child. He’s listening, Father. And thank you, Lord, for using my son to teach me about the beauty of sincere, simple faith.

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