Monday, November 1, 2010

my wife the superhero

Can I just say how proud I am of my wife? She started a new job last week while I was away. The first three days she had to get herself to and from work by public transport and it took her over an hour each way. Her second day of work she had to wait in the rain for the bus to come and when it finally arrived it was too full to take on any more passengers so it just passed her by. Her third day of work was an extremely windy day, even for Chicago. Lucky she didn’t get blown away!

Yet, with all the inconveniences she took each obstacle in stride.

Another reason I'm proud of her: the girl that held Heather’s position before was almost always late for work, but my honey is a stickler for punctuality so her colleagues will be very pleased to see Heather is always on time.

She’s had to learn a lot of new things and become acquainted with a whole new set of workmates. She has jumped right in to her job with enthusiasm and commitment and I am so proud of her.

Drop her an email to tell her “Way to go!” if you think of it.

Love you, baby! Way to go!


Annesta said...

I totally get that from her blog. I haven't been able to comment on her blog lately. I don't know why but I hope I can figure it out!
Tell her I say hello from More Lessons Learned.

Troy said...

Will do, Annesta! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Grace and peace,