Saturday, December 18, 2010

losing some one thing

You cannot give without losing something first,
whether the gift be a toy or a hug.

Give to another
as a river feeds an ocean:
empty yourself
but never run out,
always be
full and strong.
Bend and break,
run fast or slow,
but flow.

If loss is a death,
might there be
a gift, a life

I cannot see it now;
dare I believe it, then?

Loss and gift may make a pair, but giving and losing do not always form an immediate couplet. Sometimes loss and gift are more like distant friends;

the gift is a nearness in spirit,
but the loss is absence--
so you must wait patiently
for that greater gift
of presence.

Sometimes we lose someone
or some thing
not by our own choice
but by the will of cold fate.
Might such loss become a gift in the blood-warm hands of a crucified god?

The answer is a question of history:
did God lose his name and call himself Joshua?

Grieving one:
the Lord saves.
His loss is your gift.

losing some one thing
by troy cady

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