Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a prayer for everything

There is a prayer for everything and every time. Which prayer is just right for you at this moment? Just think: there’s…

“Thank you.”

There’s “I’m confused” and “Let’s go.”

I often wonder “Why?”

It’s okay to ask God this, by the way; just know that he won’t always give you a good answer—or any answer, for that matter. That’s not because he’s cruel. It’s because he loves you, always loves you. And he knows best if we need to know or not know. Besides, sometimes the heart knows a thing without the mind’s assistance. So, just rest. Ask, but rest.

And remember, “Help” has many synonyms. Find the one that’s just right for you. Be creative. He loves it when we experiment with words in prayer.

We have words like “rescue” and “save” at our disposal. We can even say things like “get me the heck outta here, Papi” or “You promised; now do what you said” to him.

He also understands the sighing prayer. If you can’t put something into words, just sigh.

In this moment you may be in need of guidance. For this, we needn’t say a lengthy prayer. Just say “Show me the way” or “Light my path.” You can think of him as a shepherd, or, if you need something more obvious, he can be a blazing pillar of fire in front of you and behind you.

Call him what you want to suit the situation. Call him a dancer or a friend. Call him a brother or a mother hen. Call him a king or (dare I say it?) shout out “Servant! Come here! I need something!” Yes, he’s happy to be counted among history’s greatest slaves; his advent reminds us of that. Sounds blasphemous, I know, but there you have it.

Yes, there’s a prayer for everyone in every situation at all times. The possibilities are infinite—like the God to whom we pray.

What’s your prayer this minute? Surprise him. And, if you like, share it here with others.

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John Wilson said...

Hey Troy, my name is John. I read a lot of blogs on religion and prayer and I've i feel like I've ended up here once before. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this prayer exchange website I thought it was an interesting idea and would be curious to hear what you (or other Christians) think about it

I'll check back here in the next day or two, thanks & God bless
John W.