Monday, January 24, 2011

he would change the rules of spelling

he would change the rules of spelling for love.
he would have us write his name lower case now.
We would respond, “But that’s not proper.”
To which, he would say, “improper is the new proper. get used to it.”

We would spend our lives getting used to grace.
We would find it hard to learn humility.
Our knees would already be sore from working for ourselves
so we would find it difficult kneeling down to pray
or washing another’s feet.
CEO’s would hire assistants to tend to loving.
We would find ways to delegate
what the king of mercy would have us do personally.

he would disrobe.
he would tell us that the best way to love him
is by way of loving each other—
the indirect way.

change he would the rules of grammar.
reorder our sentences,
mix tenses
and reassign attributes.
he would have us paint blue apples,
read the grass
and listen to stars.

he would have us send letters without stamps;
like children, take it on faith that
love will reach its destination with less than minimal requirements.

he would have us squiggle our straight lines.
he would have us welcome our own death.
we may learn to doodle during crucifixion.
speed the Night.

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