Wednesday, January 26, 2011

live as though God loves you unconditionally

Here’s a pace-setting thought: live as though God loves you unconditionally--because he does. And live as though no force that exists or is imagined can overpower that love. The snide word is no match for perfect grace. The crisp slap is nothing in his strong embrace. No cut—no matter how deep and long and wide—is beyond the Healer’s care. He tends to breaks and bruises, dystrophy and disease, too.

Did you fall yesterday? Know this: the entire universe keeps time with God’s mercy just as music follows meter. All created things, including you, are part of his symphony--and his orchestrations are beautifully intricate. His dissonance resolves.

Nothing runs outside the scope and dictates of The Good King’s love. Forgiveness is his universal and eternal decree. It is for all people in all places at all times. These spaces and times certainly include your kitchen and desk and couch in the present. The supremacy of his forgiveness was shown long ago in the mercy throne established above the Ark of the Presence. And he made the law of grace clearer with Jesus, his life and death. Atonement for sin orders God’s kingdom as surely as the thought of democracy orders ours. If free forgiveness is lacking in our system, it is an immovable foundation in God’s.

See? No evil can separate us from the love of God. No trouble, no hardship, no betrayal.

Let his love-no-matter-what fuel your soul today. Throw off the failures and wounds of yesterday because he has cast them in the deepest sea. There is only today and today he says “I love you” without adding condemnation. Today he says “I forgive you” and “I am healing you” without condition.

Live as if he loves you, he loves you, he loves you—because he does. He loves us all, every one of us. Tell him now in your own words—with few words or many--that you want to receive his love with gratitude. He is delighted when we come to him as begging children. Then, ask him to help you live according to his grace today. He will.

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