Wednesday, January 12, 2011

outline the mess of dreams

Grant one another the freedom to be different. Insisting another do a thing your way kills the spirit. Let them do it their way. Let them be true to themselves. Give them the gift of acceptance and celebration.

Must we all speak the same language; must we insist everyone agree with our vocabulary and use it with equal reverence? Pay attention to the spirit. That is what matters most. Do not become preoccupied, nailing down precise words. Words are like feathers or gods: they are either too light or too heavy to pin down so don’t worry if an idea seems elusive. Ideas can be held, though words escape.

Either way, let another dream and inquire how you may help them rest in those dreams. They don’t have to dream your dreams; they only have to dream theirs. If you insist on something, insist on granting them the grace of freedom; freedom to follow a dream; freedom to be all God created them to be. Don’t mess their dreams up with outlines; rather, outline the mess of dreams. And be true to yourself; underscore your identity in thick ink.

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