Friday, January 14, 2011

these are my aspirations, Lord

These are my aspirations, Lord. Make me like my ten year old son: tender-hearted, generous and thoughtful. Make me enthusiastic; help me persevere like he does. Lord, you know he never gives up. He just keeps trying and trying and trying. When I talk about things of you, make me cry like he does. And help me trust like he does. He doesn’t give a thought as to how his daily bread will come. He just has faith that, this morning, his Wheat Chex will be there, ready to mix with his Rice Chex. Speaking of which, make me imaginative like my son. He is the grand improviser. So creative. Help me make games and joke shows like he does, Father. And make me eager to laugh like him. Finally, help me be as quick to forgive as he is, shedding wounds in the space of a minute. These are my aspirations, Lord. Make them so, in your great mercy and love. Make them so. Amen.

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